The Value of Facilitation

Understand  –  Decide  –  Implement  



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Ever thought it might be helpful to have an outside, neutral perspective present in your group meetings:

  • To be aware of the process so you can focus on content?
  • To help your group with structure, accountability, efficiency, and follow-through?

If this sounds of interest to you, Leigh Tillman is a professional facilitator and trainer who works with groups to:

  • Help individuals be heard and hear one another better
  • Determine objectives, discussion and decision-making processes, and realistic intentions for meetings
  • Conduct strategic planning and actualize implementation
  • Hold specific trainings catered to your group, in areas in which you would like to have a shared understanding
  • Document decisions, agreements, and next steps
  • Assist in implementation oversight of decisions, agreements, and next steps and truly accomplish the follow-through you intended
  • Build cohesion, understanding of shared values, and team engagement

Please call or write to discuss how Leigh can support your group:

(207) 801-1496

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