Facilitation and Training Options

Leigh will work with you to develop a meeting, training, or other group process specific to your group’s intended outcomes. Below are some sample facilitation and training options to give you a better sense of how Leigh can help your group:

Meeting FacilitationIMG_3754

Leigh works with groups to design meetings that help them accomplish their objectives including:

  • Board and/or Staff Meetings/Retreats
  • Decision-making
  • Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholder Input and Focus Groups
  • Decision Implementation Oversight
  • Multi-party Collaborations
  • Board Development
  • Conflict Resolution

Workshops and Trainings

Leigh offers trainings and workshops to help groups. Below are some sample trainings. She will work with you to develop a workshop specific to your group’s needs.

  • How to Facilitate Your Meetings
  • High Impact Storytelling
  • Conflict Transformation in the Workplace
  • Building a Team, Being a Team
  • Communication, The Hinge of Successful Work

Please call or write to discuss creating a workshop that would benefit your group.

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How to Facilitate Your Meetings

As an organization you hold meetings, make decisions, and implement those decisions constantly. This workshop offers you the opportunity to look at how you do this and supports you in being the most efficient, effective, and clear in your work as you can be.

Participants will come away with:

  • Skills in facilitating effective meetings
  • Practice in decision making and effective implementation
  • Shared understanding in how you want to conduct meetings and decision-making

This workshop is appropriate for all organizations as it addresses your specific team’s choices in how you function as a group.

High Impact Storytelling

Stories conjure our humanness, foster connection, and compel us. At the very essence of all our work, there are stories. From messaging, to requesting support, to motivating ourselves as a team, we are storytelling everyday. Yet what makes a story engaging? What makes someone want to listen? What makes our message really land? What makes us memorable?

Click here to learn more about Leigh’s storytelling trainings.

In this interactive workshop we will:

  • Discuss and hone the stories we want to convey
  • Explore the art of telling an engaging story and techniques that help us convey our message
  • Practice delivering our message and learn from one another what is effective in our storytelling

Participants will come away with:

  • Practical techniques and wisdom inherent in telling a story well
  • Experience relaying your organization’s message
  • A better understanding of the stories latent in your work as a team
  • Enhanced appreciation of the importance of sharing our stories with one another to foster understanding, camaraderie, collaboration and investment in our work.

This workshop is beneficial to all groups and aids in team cohesion, collaboration amidst partners, and external messaging.

Conflict Transformation in the Workplace

In this interactive workshop we will explore how to take situations that may seem difficult and explore causes of the difficulty, the creative potential inherent in conflict, and possible ways to navigate such situations. There will be a presentation of theory, practical application of different ways to approach conflict, and group discussion in which will we all bring our wisdom and life experience to the table to find a freshness in addressing difficulties that arise in the workplace.

Participants will come away with:

  • An understanding of different types of conflict
  • A freshness in approaching difficult situations
  • A step-by-step process for approaching conflict and moving through difficult situations

This workshop is both for groups trying to work through difficult times as well as for groups who want to collaboratively develop a shared understanding of how they will deal with the natural hurdles that come up in a workplace.

Building a Team, Being a Team

In this interactive workshop we will look at what you each offer in being a part of your team, discuss what support is for you as a team, and practice utilizing the strengths of your team.

Participants will come away with:

  • A better understanding of what they bring to your team
  • The importance of differing personalities in creating a solid team
  • An appreciation for the integral role each member of the team plays
  • Shared experience in functioning as a team

This workshop is beneficial to new teams in learning about one another and also for long standing groups in celebrating what one another brings to the table.

Communication, the Hinge of Successful Work

Time and again groups point to communication as the hinge of their work. This fun and interactive workshop is designed to support your team in determining best practices for communicating both internally and externally. We will look at some basic theory and apply this to your work and communications. We will also assess how your group can best utilize technology in communication.

Participants will come away with:

  • Practical tips and techniques for communicating effectively
  • Tangible experience practicing communicating with one another
  • A shared understanding of how your team utilizes technology to communicate effectively

This workshop is appropriate for all organizations as it addresses how you want to communicate with one another and the world.