Storytelling Workshop


Stories conjure our humanness, foster connection, and compel us. At the very essence of our lives and our work there are stories.

Exploring these narratives helps us to gain perspective, convey the significance and impact of what we do, and engage others. From conversations with friends to engaging others in our work; requesting support; promoting a product; motivating a team; or telling who we are now and where we are headed during times of transition, we are telling stories every day.

Yet how often do we take the time to look at how we tell the stories of our lives and how others hear them? What makes a story engaging? What makes someone want to listen? What makes our message really land?

In this interactive and engaging workshop we will determine the stories we want to tell, learn and utilize techniques that help us effectively convey our stories, practice telling engaging stories, and learn from one another what is effective in our storytelling.

Participants Will Come Away With:

  • Practical techniques involved in telling a story well
  • Practice developing, delivering, and incorporating feedback on a story of their choice
  • Enhanced appreciation of the importance of sharing our stories with one another to foster understanding, camaraderie, and engagement in our work

This Workshop is for You:

This workshop would be of benefit to you if you would like to:

  • Explore your innate ability to effectively convey a message through stories
  • Connect with and delve into the story of your work or community engagement
  • Dedicate a morning to experiencing how sharing stories can support you, your team, and your mission in the work you do


When: October 23, 8:30am-1:00pm

Where: Good Medicine Collective, Portland, Maine

Cost: $70. If cost is a factor please be in touch about scholarships and work trade as we want this to be accessible to all who would like to attend.

What to Bring: a lunch.


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“Leigh’s workshop provides the safe space the budding storyteller needs to courageously pursue their story”

– Participant evaluation, Howard County Conservancy, 2018


And a Big Thank You to Our Sponsors

The following businesses and organizations have generously supported this workshop. We are so honored to have their support as they are businesses, organizations, and people that we highly admire and respect.