Women’s Storytelling Retreat

A three-day retreat for a small group of women of all ages to explore the art of storytelling through looking at how we shape and share stories from our lives.

At the very essence of our lives, there are stories. Stories that have shaped us. Stories that help guide us. Stories that are still unfolding.

These stories put us in touch with our humanness, shape our perception, foster connection with others, and compel us to act.

Yet how often do we pause to consider these stories? How often do we look at how we shape a story and how our stories land when shared?

This retreat is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the depth of story. The weekend is designed for participants to engage and experience their own unique storytelling style while learning from the styles and perspectives of others.

Our time together will include:

  • Storytelling sessions – we will look at the form of a story and practice the craft of storytelling
  • Developing and sharing stories – we will develop and workshop stories, learning together through individual, pair, and group activities
  • Your own time – there will be time to relax, journal, walk, sip tea, be
  • Time in nature – there will be time for walking the fields, sitting by the lake’s edge, and pausing to consider where we place meaning and what stories are alive in us
  • Feasting and enjoying the space of being on retreat together
  • An evening fire in the fire pit – weather permitting and keeping an eye out for stars…we will be nearing a full moon



2:00pm Friday, October 19th – 1:00pm Sunday, October 21st.

Location – a beautiful property on a lake in Jefferson, Maine. We will be staying in a large, renovated farmhouse.

To cover costs we ask each participant to contribute $375 and a potluck meal.

We have space for just under a dozen participants. This retreat is designed for women 21 years of age and older.

Please be in touch about work-trade options and scholarships. Please also be in touch if you would like to sponsor a scholarship.

Contact Leigh with questions or to register.

Thank you.


And a Big Thank You to Our Sponsors

The following businesses have generously supported this retreat. We are so honored to have their support as they are businesses and business owners that we highly admire and respect.